When You Teach Me

When you teach me,
use words that are simple.
Help me to understand,
at my level,
so that when I take my first steps,
I don’t fall
and hurt myself,
and feel discouraged,
and give up.

And when you teach me,
please be patient, because my eyes
can only see so far right now,
and my mind and heart can only open so wide.
But with gentle pressure, I can be stretched
to see and open a little more, and then a little more
each day.

Teach me
the small things first,
and then things that are bigger,
and the small things will build up,
and become a place where bigger things can stand,
where strong roots can grow deep and draw nourishment

from the simple, small things
that you patiently took the time to teach me first.


Creating Servitors to Relieve Anxious, Obsessive Thoughts

When I first read about servitors, they sounded to me like pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever learned about magic. Who wouldn’t want a bunch of minions running around the universe doing your bidding? I could create a whole Army of the Daughter of Nuit, charge them with my needs and wants and send them off into the ether to bring back my spoils. And the best part is, they live for it. It’s their whole purpose for being. And I created them. GOD. KING. Ego loved this idea. I really wanted one… Continue reading


The Law of the Strong

The Law of Thelema is sometimes called the “law of the strong.” It’s word. Liber AL vel Legis II:21.

The same verse has been problematic for me because it condemns compassion as a vice. I think of compassion as a virtue. It’s my personal moral compass. But there’s compassion and compassion. Continue reading