What is the name of your HGA?

A Name For My Holy Guardian Angel

I’ve been reading my new book, Holy Guardian Angel, from Nephilim Press and I am loving it. The book is a collection of essays from knowledgeable writers about the nature of the HGA and what Knowledge & Conversation is all about. What stands out the most to me is how each writer has such different, often-conflicting ideas about the HGA. Some have very clear boundaries around what is and isn’t considered K&C, while others allow for blurrier lines. I’m in the blurred lines camp, allowing space for the experiences of those who get results while following strict protocol, and for my own experience getting results when I follow inspiration and improvise. Continue reading


How To Become A Powerful Magician

So you want to be a powerful magician? Great! Consider yourself encouraged! The magical path is the most fulfilling, exciting, wonder-filled path I have ever walked, and I don’t plan to leave it. Practicing magic will provide you with challenges and benefits that you can not yet begin to imagine. It’s better than drinking black coffee for putting hair on your chest, and better than eating carrots for sharpening your vision. If you start down this path with a sincere heart, you will not regret it – unless, of course, magic is not for you. But don’t worry. If that’s the case, you will discover that on your own soon enough.

So how can you become a powerful magician? Continue reading


Happy Birthday To Me

I just completed Day 19 (of 84) of the Cardio Sculpt program on DailyBurn.com. This is my second Daily Burn program (I completed four weeks of True Beginner earlier this month). I don’t think I have ever stuck to an exercise program the way I have this one, not even when I was training to complete a 10k. I don’t know why it’s different this time, except that I personally am different. Continue reading

Sun Thoth Tarot

Top 10 Myths About True Will (via IAO131)

Top 10 Myths About True Will (via IAO131)

One of my favorite modern authorities on Thelema clears up some misconceptions about True Will.

When I realized that to consciously understand and live my Will, all I needed to do was observe the inertia in my life – the path I tended to follow when left to my own desire and device – everything clicked. Aim for the “light” of that path, and I would be doing my Will in a way that was healthy and productive. And because life is a constant journey of becoming, my understanding of my Will necessarily changes as I accumulate and assimilate new experiences, and as I gradually awaken.

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Project Pyramid Spread

The Project Pyramid Spread

Life is a project. I’ve taken a handful of project management courses over the years, and this is what I’ve heard in each one. I wasn’t thinking about project management when I set out to do a tarot reading for myself today, or when I began to write this blog. But when I thought about what to call the spread I am about to share with you, the Project Pyramid Spread is what came to mind. Because this spread (which I received totally by inspiration, so if anyone else has thought of it before me, simply comment and you get the credit) has everything to do with setting goals and working toward them. And it’s laid out like a pyramid. :) Continue reading