It’s always a bittersweet moment to realize the unfortunate root of undesirable behavior in myself. The incomparable Thomas has shared that “undesirable behavior is what makes the character,” in the same way as an opal gets its particular beauty from its many “flaws.” But as someone who continually examines herself for the kind of flaws that create shenanigans instead of beauty, I occasionally have these bittersweet moments. They are breakthroughs, and the key to making them work for me is not to self-flagellate, but to use the new information to reorient myself, reset and redesign the plan, and sometimes to redefine the outcome. Continue reading

Day 7

No evening work last night. This morning’s LBRP and MP/Circulation were nice, and uneventful. Today and yesterday, I performed the rituals before having coffee. I did no other work this morning, other than a tarot reading and dream interpretation. Continue reading

Days 1 and 2: Do Not Worry. Trust.

Yesterday, just ahead of the new year, I began a daily practice. The last time I had a disciplined daily practice, the universe laid out my future to me on a silver platter. Although it was a difficult ride, it was something I needed to go through to get to where I am today.

Although I have no specific expectations, I am aiming for a few goals. But because I’ve done this before, I know that what happens will probably be entirely unexpected and exactly what I need, so, for the record, Universe, I’m open. Continue reading