Rubber, Meet Road

Welcome to my new blog, which focuses on the ways in which I am creating my life using the principles and practices of magick and mysticism. I imported some of the content from my old blog, but I’m looking forward to starting fresh. I’ve been reading about and practicing magick and mysticism for the past four years. For the last year, I’ve applied those methods to inner work, especially mental and emotional healing. The past five or six months in particular has been a time for tremendous, accelerated healing, but now I am ready to engage deeply with the life I have created for myself. In fact, that’s what I’ve been busy doing for the past couple months. It’s kept me off Twitter for the most part, and definitely away from blogging.

But, finally, I have a topic of conversation.

Engaging deeply with the life I have created for myself sounds fantastic when put that way, but it’s not glamorous. My priorities have shifted dramatically from an inner focus to outer. Instead of dedicating my free time to meditation, yoga, reading, making offerings, planning and doing workings, I spend time with my significant other and my best friend, spend more time wrangling projects at work, do household chores, make dinner, go grocery shopping.

One thing I’ve learned is that there is profound magick in even the most mundane activity. Everyday life is where the magickal rubber meets the road. Where else is my will more effective than when a sink full of dirty dishes becomes an orderly cupboard? Or when a counter full of raw ingredients transforms into a pot full of delicious stew? Or when a kind word or deed turns into a smile on the face of another?

But beyond that, I used magickal principles to create this life and I’ll continue using them to transform it going forward. More on that another time.

In the meantime, please tell me what you would like to read about here. I would like this blog to be more of a dialogue, but that depends on you. What would you ask me about? What would you come to me to seek?

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